Maharashtra E Pass Portal / Maha Police E Pass : How To Apply Online?

How to Apply Maharashtra E Pass Portal ? or Maha Police E Pass, Lockdown Pass online by visiting the official website.

Maharashtra police issuing the various passes for travel purposes to the employee, business person, marketing person, medical representative, government employee, and all other professionals who doing job or business through the Maharashtra E Pass portal. A citizen who is going to the office or traveling outside the home without carrying Maharashtra Police E Pass, Lockdown Pass online, Corona Pass gets punishment as per the law of the offices of the factory, shops, etc. Thus, everyone is requested to carry an E-pass issued by the Maha Police.

E Pass is used as an entry pass or permission for attending a wedding, funeral, or other ceremony or functions, etc. Maharashtra Police E Pass is very useful during the Lockdown or Mini Lockdown or in the containment zone or micro containment zone.

Latest Update: As per the reports, The third wave of Covid 19 is supposed to hit India. Raise in the Corona Cases in some states indicate the 3rd Wave. Thus, the E-Pass system can be reused during this situation. If the government does lockdown or mini lockdown or published the guidelines then this system will come into play. People will have to get the Maha Police E Pass using the Maharashtra E Pass Portal. Step by step instructions, precautions and safety measures have been made available on this page. So, dear all the Maharashtra region people whenever you need an E-pass then visit this page so you can easily get the pass details.

Maharashtra E Pass portal

Maharashtra E Pass Portal

Pass Issuing AuthorityMaharashtra police
E-Pass Available for Medical Professionals, Emergency Department Workers, People who need necessary travel, etc
State NameMaharashtra
Type of Government Maharashtra State Government
Mode of RegistrationOnline
Type of PassMaharashtra Police E Pass, Lockdown Pass online, Corona Pass
Official Website

Maharashtra Lockdown E Pass

As we all know that since December 2019 a Chinese virus has been affected all over the world where millions of people are dead and billions of people are in trouble due to this virus. The business, jobs, economy affected a human community. many people had lost their job, many do not have enough money to survive in such times and many relations are broken as nobody is allowed to meet each other as this virus spreads from human to human via handshaking while talking without a mask and from the surface too. As we saw in many news, many families were not ready for doing funeral ceremonies of family members due to fear of the Corona Virus.

Maharashtra Lockdown E Pass

Maharashtra Corona E-Pass

The fear of the virus is due to respiratory system failure in which humans can not take breath properly, fever, dry cough, and tiredness. It breaks people’s confidence and affects mental as well as healthy too. The family who lost their members due to coronavirus or while doing the duties in covid situations understands the fear of coronavirus properly. We all need to salute the corona worriers as they still treating people properly while knowing the fear of the virus.

People do find the corona symptoms should not travel within area or outside the state as it is not beneficial for you, your family members, or for other persons whom you going to meet.

  • Most common symptoms:
    • fever
    • dry cough
    • tiredness
  • Less common symptoms:
    • aches and pains
    • sore throat
    • diarrhoea
    • conjunctivitis
    • headache
    • loss of taste or smell
    • a rash on the skin, or discoloration of fingers or toes
  • Serious symptoms:
    • difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
    • chest pain or pressure
    • loss of speech or movement

Tips for prevention

  • Wash your hands frequently and carefully
  • Avoid touching your face
  • Stop shaking hands and hugging people — for now
  • Don’t share personal items
  • Cover your mouth and nose when you cough and sneeze
  • Clean and disinfect surfaces
  • Take physical (social) distancing seriously
  • Do not gather in groups
  • Avoid eating or drinking in public places
  • Wash fresh groceries
  • Wear a (homemade) mask
  • Self-quarantine if sick
  • Stay Physically Active
  • Healthy Diet
  • Healthy Parenting
  • Quitting Tobacco
  • Mental Health

Maharashtra Police covid-19 E Pass

As the third wave of Covid 19 is predicted to be hit during august, the e-pass issuing will be started soon for the people who are working in emergency departments, medical departments or medical equipment organizations, oxygen services. People of the country are traveling to picnic spots or travel destinations like nothing had happened in the past few months. People do not even maintain social distancing or not wearing masks. Therefore, we are requesting people that don’t travel outside if not necessary. Stay home and protect your family while working from home.

Corona 3rd Wave News

Application of Maharashtra Police e pass through online portal

  • First of all, visit the official website of Maharashtra Epass @
  • Read all the instructions carefully before filling the application form for the Maharashtra e-pass.
  • Press the “Apply for Pass Here” link and wait while opening the application form page.
  • Choose Whether you need to visit outside Maharashtra or Not.
  • If you select no, then the new page will open on the screen where you need to fill in all the necessary information.
  • If you select Yes, then enter the co-passengers details, and then it will be redirected to the application form page.
  • Enter personal information, professional information, and reason for traveling.
  • Upload the current picture of yours using a webcam or upload it from the gallery with the application form.
  • Upload medical summary, Aadhaar Card, RTPCR Reports of last 24 hours, medical summary certificate.
  • Press SUBMIT button.

covid19 mhpolice epass Status Check and Download

Epass is a mandatory certificate or document that is required at the time of traveling during the lockdown. The lockdown could be required during the third wave of coronavirus. If the case raises frequently then to control the situation, lockdown will be the only option for the central or state government. Those who apply for the e-pass during the lockdown and need it as earlies as possible should keep checking the Maha Police E Pass Portal for knowing the Maha Police E Pass Status. Following the instructions, you will check the status for e pass easily as well as quickly.

  • First of all, visit the official website of Maha Police E Pass Portal i.e.
  • Find out Check Status and Download E Pass tab.
  • Wait while it will be redirected to the main page of E-Pass.
  • Enter the Token ID that was generated while submitting the online application form.
  • Press SUBMIT button.
  • Wait while opening the epass status page.
  • Download the e-pass or print if issued otherwise resubmit the application form in case the pass is rejected or canceled.

Covid19 mhpolice e pass Maharashtra Online (State Wise)

BeedMumbai CitySangli
BhandaraMumbai SuburbanSatara

Whenever, Maha Police E-Pass issued against the application then the SMS will be sent to your registered mobile number.

Useful Links

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Maharashtra Police Website: Click Here

We have provided all the latest information on the Maharashtra E Pass portal – Maha Police E Pass, Lockdown Pass online. Leep tracking this page for getting the next level of information from this page. This e-pass may be required if the lockdown will be required in the country during the third wave of the Corona.

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