Bodoland Lottery Result Today 20.10.2021 {*Live} 12, 3, 7 PM Assam Lotteries

Bodoland Lottery Result Today (20.10.2021) {Live} Assam Lotteries 12 PM, 3 PM, 7 PM is out on the official website.

We are updating this page with Bodoland Lottery Daily Result 2021. Here you can check the Bodoland Lottery Result Today 20 October 2021. Those who are buying daily tickets for this lottery should bookmark this page as they can access this page to check quick results. The Bodoland Lottery Results are live and daily updates 3 different sessions like 12 PM, 3 PM, and 7 PM. Bodoland Lottery Department running different types of lottery-like Rosa Deer Lottery Results, Singam Kuil Lottery Result, Kumaran Vishnu Lottery Results, Thangam Nallaneram Lottery Result, Swarnalaxmi Gold Lottery Result, Thangam Lottery Result Today 12 October 2021, Bodoland Lottery Result Singam and Bodo Lottery Result Kuil.

Bodoland Lottery Result

The lottery game is legal in the following states like Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Goa, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim, Punjab, and West Bengal.

Bodoland Lottery Result Today

Board NameBodoland Lottery Department
Name of OrganizerThe Government of Bodoland
Ticket PriceRs.2/- per ticket
Winning Amount
  • Maximum: Rs.100000/-
  • Minimum: Rs.50/-
1st to 6th Prize
  • 1st Prize: Rs.100000/-
  • 2nd Prize: Rs.50,000/-
  • 3rd Prize: Rs.3500/-
  • 4th Prize: Rs.200/-
  • 5th Prize: Rs.100/-
  • 6th Prize: Rs.50/-
Official Website

Bodoland Lottery Series

Rosa Deer DiamondRosa Series, Deer Series
Singam Kull WhiteSingam Series, Kull Series
Kumaran Vishnu WaveKumaran Series, Vishnu Series
Thangam Nallaneram SkillThangam Series, Nallaneram Series
Swarnalaxmi GoldSwarnalaxmi Series
Vairam SeriesOrange FridayMani Series
Lion SeriesKumaran Vishnu Star

Bodoland Lottery Singam Kuil Result 20.10.2021

Bodoland Lottery Singam Kuil Lottery Result Today 3 PM Live Streaming: Bodoland board running different types of lottery schemes and singam Kuil is one of them. We will upload the Singam Kuil Results at 3 PM every day.

Bodoland Singam Kuil
Every SundaySingam Kuil Blue Sunday
Every MondaySingam Kuil Yellow Monday
Every TuesdaySingam Kuil Green Tuesday
Every WednesdaySingam Kuil Red Wednesday
Every ThursdaySigam Kuil Violet Thursday
Every FridaySingam Kuil Orange Friday
Every SaturdaySingam Kuil White Saturday

Bodoland Lottery Rosa Deer Result 20.10.2021

Bodoland Lottery Rosa Deer Lottery Result Today 3 PM Live Streaming: Those who have bought Rosa Deer Lottery tickets can check the Rosa Deer Lottery Result by visiting this page sharp at 3 PM. The Assam State Bodoland Lottery Rosa Deer Results PDF will be available for download at 03:45 PM.

Bodoland Rosa Deer
Every SundayRosa Deer Silver Sunday
Every MondayRosa Deer Royal Monday
Every TuesdayRosa Deer Super Tuesday
Every WednesdayRosa Deer Perl Wednesday
Every ThursdayRosa Deer Platinum Thursday
Every FridayRosa Deer Gold Friday
Every SaturdayRosa Deer Diamond Saturday

Bodoland Lottery Thangam Nallaneram Result 20.10.2021

Bodoland Thangam Nallaneram
Every SundayBodoland Thangam Nallaneram Effort Sunday
Every MondayBodoland Thangam Nallaneram Luck Monday
Every TuesdayBodoland Thangam Nallaneram Chance Tuesday
Every WednesdayBodoland Thangam Nallaneram Perl Wednesday
Every ThursdayBodoland Thangam Nallaneram Game Thursday
Every FridayBodoland Thangam Nallaneram Charm Friday
Every SaturdayBodoland Thangam Nallaneram Skill Saturday

Thangam Nallaneram Lottery Result of 20.10.2021 Today live at 3 PM: Download Assam State Bodoland Thangam Nallaneram Lottery Result along with the list of winners by clicking on the link available below. Bodoland Thangam Nallaneram Lottery Results will be live at 3 PM so kindly keep tracking this page sharp at 3 PM. You can download Thangam Nallaneram Lottery PDF 45 minutes after the announcement of the result.

Bodoland Lottery Kumaran Vishnu Result 20.10.2021

Bodoland Kumaran Vishnu
Every SundayBodoland Kumaran Vishnu Thunder Sunday
Every MondayBodoland Kumaran Vishnu Sun Monday
Every TuesdayBodoland Kumaran Vishnu Moon Tuesday
Every WednesdayBodoland Kumaran Vishnu Star Wednesday
Every ThursdayBodoland Kumaran Vishnu Fire Thursday
Every FridayBodoland Kumaran Vishnu Storm Friday
Every SaturdayBodoland Kumaran Vishnu Wave Saturday

Kumaran Vishnu Lottery Result today winner list available at 3 PM Live:

Kumaran Vishnu is a part of the Bodoland Lottery Scheme. If you have bought tickets for this scheme then check this page sharp at 3 PM to know the ticket number and name of the winner.

Bodoland Lottery Swarnalaxmi Gold Result 20.10.2021

Swarnalaxmi Gold Lottery Result Today 3 PM 20.10.2021: The Bodoland lottery department of Assam is releasing the daily winner list and ticket number on its portal. But, to know the name easily keep following this page.

Every SundayBodoland Swarnalaxmi Ruby Sunday
Every MondayBodoland Swarnalaxmi Pearl Monday
Every TuesdayBodoland Swarnalaxmi Coral Tuesday
Every WednesdayBodoland Swarnalaxmi Emerald Wednesday
Every ThursdayBodoland Swarnalaxmi Silver Thursday
Every FridayBodoland Swarnalaxmi Diamond Friday
Every SaturdayBodoland Swarnalaxmi Gold Saturday

Bodoland Lottery Vairam Result 20.10.2021

Vairam Lottery Result Today: Today, regular customers of the Bodoland Lottery will be going to get the winners of the Vairam Lottery. This is a part of the Bodoland Lottery department thus they release the results of the same on this page daily at 3 PM. You can download the Vairam Lottery Result PDF by clicking on the link available below.

Bodoland Lottery Result Vairam
Every SundayBodoland Lottery Vairam Sunday
Every MondayBodoland Lottery Vairam Monday
Every TuesdayBodoland Lottery Vairam Tuesday
Every WednesdayBodoland Lottery Vairam Wednesday
Every ThursdayBodoland Lottery Vairam Thursday
Every FridayBodoland Lottery Vairam Friday
Every SaturdayBodoland Lottery Vairam Saturday

Bodoland Lottery Mani Result 20.10.2021

For downloading Assam State Bodoland Lottery Mani Results PDF or checking the winner list and name along with the ticket, do come here on regular basis. Every day at 3 PM sharp, the board release today’s winner on the portal.

If you are lucky then the day belongs to you as the next winner’s name can be yours. But, buying a ticket is also necessary to make a good day.

Bodoland Lottery Lion Result 20.10.2021

Lion Lottery Result Today 3 PM Live Date 20.10.2021: All the lion-hearted people of the Assam state who have bought the tickets are eagerly searching for the results on the various portals on Google. All such contenders are requested to stay live sharp at 3 PM for checking the winner list.

Find out Best Lucky Winning Lion Lottery Sambad Numbers along with the winner list. We will upload the Assam State Bodoland Lottery Lion Results PDF after the official announcement. You will be eligible to download that PDF on or after 3:45 PM. Some time website may load more due to heavy traffic on the portal. In such a case, you can refresh the page to load the page.

Bodoland Lottery Result Today 20.10.2021 

We will update today’s lottery results on this page shortly. Keep tracking this page to check your name onto the lottery winning page.

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How to Check Bodoland Lotteries Results 2021?

  • First of all, visit the official website of Bodoland Lotteries at
  • Find the Results link from the top right side menu bar and click on it.
  • Enter date, time and choose the file type from the result page.
  • Click on Download.
  • Wait while a file is downloading on the device.
  • Double click on the file to open the result.
  • Press CTRL + F to find the ticket number from the file.
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Bodoland Lottery 7 PM Result 20.10.2021Click Here to Download Assam Bodoland Lottery Result
Bodoland lottery Result Today 20.10.2021 (Live) Click Here to Download Assam Bodoland Lottery Result

Assam Bodoland Lotteries

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