2021 land Records *Check khatian Plot Map Information By Name

Are you searching for 2021 land Records or WB land records online Khatiyan plot map Information online? then you have landed at the best place From here, citizens of Bengal can check land-related information of West Bengal property details RoR, citizen registration, etc. the team has prepared the best informative article regarding the land & land reforms and refugee relief and rehabilitation departments’ official portal usage and services available at portal.

banbanglarbhumi is the platform where the WB land records can be checked online while sitting at home or traveling at any of the spots in the world. The government is running a portal where the physical requirement is not necessary. A huge number of people in the state know about this portal whereas many of them don’t even know about this portal as well as the services available. Thus, our team has prepared an article that is revealing the information regarding Khatian Plot Map, WB Land Records, RoR, citizen registration, login, and other details.

The common man of West Bengal can easily get his/her land information or landowners’ information using this portal. There is no requirement for visiting land & land reforms and refugee relief and rehabilitation departments as the government saved the database online for supporting the digital India mission. These servers are able to maintain or store all the data for a long time of the state landowners which can be edit or modify or delete at any time with the permission of the authority. 2021

Are you looking for Land Records/ Khatian / Plot / Map Check/Land Value? Do you know your Property? If you want details regarding your land then you are in the right place. Banglarbhumi portal is running by the Land & Land Records and Refugee Relief and Rehabilitation Department. It is beneficial for the WB citizens beacuse they can check the property details without paying any fee. You can use such details as it proves the land is relevant to you. But, these documents can not use as legal documents or sell or buy the property. For using it as a legal document, you must get the signature of a duty officer before using it.

Department NameLand & Land Records and Refugee Relief and Rehabilitation Department
Portal NameBanglarbhumi
BeneficiariesWB Citizen
Type of Information Available HereLand Records/ Khatian / Plot / Map Check/Land Value, Know your Property

A few years back, checking the land records or edit or modify them was quite difficult because offline/on paper data were stored. People were going to the department office for doing such a land record checking procedure. The corruption was at a peak at that time as people were to offer bribes to the officers for checking this type of data. But, since the starting of the digital India mission, government offices started to transfer the offline data to online servers for citizen convenience.

Banglarbhumi Khatiyan Plot Information

Every state government working on online portals where data can be stored, delete, or seen by district, tehsil, and village wise. It makes it easier for the people who do not even go out of the village for any of the department work. People can sit at home and access the data of thier own land along with selling and purchasing property etc. In order to access the data on this portal, people have to do online registration and need time to time to log in whenever they want to see the land records.

  • The portal shows the plots and Khaitan details online by login in to the account.
  • A citizen can the sale of purchases property using this portal.
  • The government becomes 100% transparent during maintaining the land records.
  • Those who are planning to set up a business or looking to buy a plot of land in the West Bengal state can do all the procedures online at Banglarbhumi portal.
  • As this portal is time-saving, and also no need to give bribes to an officer for knowing details about the land, 100% secure and transparent information, corruption less procedure.

Banglarbhumi Portal services list

  • Digitization of Land Records & Maps
  • Deed Registration Online.
  • Citizen-Centric Services
  • Apply Online Mutation
  • Preparation, Updating & Maintenance of records.
  • Management of ISU
  • Certified Copy of Land records.
  • Distribution of Land
  • WB Record of Land (ROR) Application
  • Thika Tenancy
  • Mutation Notice 30 Days
  • Training (LMTC & ARTI)
  • Mauja Map-Request/ Availability
  • Rent Controller
  • Khatian Status Online
  • State Land Use Board
  • Indo Bangladesh Boundary Demarcation

Banglarbhumi Portal Registration

  • First of all, visit the official website of
  • Navigate to the Sign-UP link available at the top of the page.

Banglarbhumi Portal Registration page1

  • Fill up the Public Registration Form with full name, guardians name, municipality name, email address, email, Email OTP, District, Mobile Number, Mobile OTP, PIN, User TYpe, and Captcha Code.

Banglarbhumi Portal Registration page2

  • As you press the SUBMIT button, the details will be stored on the database and the registration process gets completed.
  • Next time, whenever applicants want to access the land records details they need to do login.
  • The process to log in is given in the below section. login

  • Dear user, kindly copy and paste the following web address i.e. into the browser URL section.
  • Wait while opening the official portal.
  • Click on the Sign In option from the top of the page. login

  • If you are from the department then choose departmental users or choose citizens
  • Enter Username and Password.
  • Enter Captcha Code.
  • Press the LOGIN button.
  • As on successfully log in, you will see the login page.
  • Try using different services available on the page. password reset

  • Whenever you are login into your account and forget the password then choose to forget the password link available at end of the login page. password reset Page 1

  • As you click on the link, you will be asked to choose departmental users (if you are from the staff, department) otherwise choose citizens.
  • Enter user Id and click on Get OTP. password reset Page 2

  • Your OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number (The mobile number provided at the time of registration will be valid only).
  • After entering the OTP received on the mobile phone, you will have to set the new password.
  • Enter captcha code and press SUBMIT button.
  • Your password will be changed on the database and try login again.

How to Apply for Banglarbhumi Land ROR Application Online?

  • Goto the Banglarbhumi portal and find the login page.
  • As after generating OTP, you will have to enter the OTP and login to the portal.
  • Find Land ROR Application and click on it.
  • Enter all the details on the screen asked on the portal.
  • Press SUBMIT button.
  • Save the reference number generated automatically after submitting the details or download the acknowledgment slip.
  • The verification process took place as the authorized person see your Banglarbhumi Land ROR Application at the online desk.
  • Officer will issue ROR Certificate through online or offline mode whatever the rules.

banglarbhumi know your property

  • In order to know about your property, you will be able to search them by Khatian or Search By Plot.

banglarbhumi know your property

  • Enter Mouza Identification like district, block, and Mouza.
  • Choose options like search by Khatian or search by the plot.
  • Enter Khatian or by plot no and enter captcha code.
  • Choose View and the details will be open on your screen in few moments.
  • Save or Print the details for reference or for future use.

Applicants can use many other services from this portal. If you are facing any query while searching 2021 or banglarbhumi 2021 land Records or khatian Plot Map then kindly ask our experts in the comment section below. Keep tracking this page for more information or stay connected with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or subscribe to our youtube channel for the videos about the portal, etc.

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